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About Stephanie

~ Graphic Artist. Creative Director. Skilled Copywriter. Design Diva. ~

Hello. My name is Stephanie Malone. I'm a multiple award-winning copywriter, marketing director, designer and creative director with over 16 years professional experience. I'm fluent in print and web design, and my extensive portfolio includes environmental design, corporate identity/branding, packaging, posters, invitations, responsive web sites, and much more.

I'm passionate about all things creative. I believe design is so much more than a pretty package. Good design is strategic. Great design can take a company from good to great. Done well, it creates brand loyalty, incites passion and changes behavior. Some companies get it. They are the innovators and the groundbreakers.

I believe design matters. And I love working with companies who truly get it. I'm always looking for exciting new projects which allow me the chance to work with great people and create compelling designs that can make a difference. I invite you to explore this site to learn more about who I am and what I do: view my portfolio or my Project 365 design gallery, read my full profile, and contact me if you like what you see.

{Latest News}
I'm honored to have been recently included on Pixel 77's list of 20 Influential Designers to Follow on Twitter.

{Project 365}
A new design every day for 365 days. Click here to view the gallery.

{Portfolio Spotlight}

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